Current Openings - 2 Positions
1.  REAL ESTATE:  Analyze/research both Value and Feasibility
considerations for existing and proposed Industrial, Office, Hotel, Retail,
and Apartment projects (some other property types, less often).  This
includes dynamics related to site, building, location, and market conditions.

2.  FINANCIAL STRUCTURES:  Know the basic pricing, terms, and
conditions for construction loans, permanent loans, and joint venture equity
investment transactions.

3.  DEVELOPER/INVESTOR ANALYSIS:  Be able to determine the
acceptability of a borrower, in terms of financial strength (liquidity, net
worth, tax returns, etc.), credit history management/operations/
development/construction experience, etc.  Understand the client’s
investment objectives (long/short hold, build for lease or for sale, create
operating income flows or build net worth, etc.)

4.  SPREADSHEET ANALYSIS:  Via Excel or Argus software, be able to
financially model annual pro-forma’s of income for existing properties.  For
to be built properties, be able to create spreadsheets which calculate
construction/land/interest/soft development costs, along with future rental
income and operating expenses, over a 12 – 24 month development

5.  WRITING:  Be able to succinctly, clearly, and thoroughly compose
Committee Presentation and Investment Offering memoranda that outline
the above findings relative to specific deals.  Import graphics and spread
sheets into these presentations.

6.  BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT:  This candidate will not be required to
generate their own business opportunities.  However, if the candidate had a
client base and/or wanted to further develop same… NevPac would
encourage, support, and additionally compensate such activities.

7.  LOCATION:  NevPac has both Orange County and Las Vegas offices.  
Unless the candidate were highly experienced and with their own Contact
Base of clients, the position would be located in Las Vegas (either long
term or at least for the 1st 18-24 months).

8.  COMPENSATION:  We do not expect to pay anything short of full
market comp for this position, with benefits.  The candidate’s experience,
abilities, upside potential, and other dynamics will determine the amount of
both base and incentive earnings.
NevPac Career Opportunities

Experience  in one or more of the following careers is preferred:
commercial mortgage banker/developer, CMBS underwriter, AAVP banker,
property manager, real estate investment sales broker, accountant with a
Real Estate firm, Real Estate lawyer, financial analysts, and/or researchers
from other investment asset classes.

1.  REAL ESTATE:  Articulately research and write an appraisal of value for
income property.  Identify gross to NNN terms.

2.  RESEARCH ANALYSIS:   Research, Underwrite, and Model (on Excel
and/or Argus software) a current Pro Forma of NOI.  Identify major/basic
risks of deal's Vertical Improvements, location, site dynamics, market
conditions, tenant quality, leaser terms, borrower experience/financial
capabilities, and capital stock/financial structure.  Underwrite Basics based
on DSCR, LTV, LTC, Loan/sf, etc. ratios.

3.  SPREADSHEET ANALYSIS:  Model (on Excel and/or Argus software) a
Construction + Stabilization project budget.  On a monthly basis, show
equity and loan funding, rental income, operating expenses, line-item
payments out to contractors and vendors, calculate monthly interest
payments, etc.

4.  COMMUNICATION:  Write clearly and cohesively, with reasonably
strong grammar and syntax.  Speak knowledgeably and with confidence, to
owners, appraisers, leasing brokers, investment brokers, land brokers, etc.
about research Rent, Sale, Land, and Operating Expense Comps.

5.  LOCATION:  NevPac has both Orange County and Las Vegas offices.  
Travel 1-3 nights per month (maybe not required for an A+ candidate).

6.  COMPENSATION:  Compensation includes both a Base Comp, PLUS
formula-based Upside Comp structure tied to performance.

Interested professionals should send their resume, plus a statement of their career
goals & objectives, to